Keep House Cool

Hot Tips to Keep Your House Cool

By: Will Anderson 

The summer months are approaching, so when it comes to energy use at home, it’s essential to keep your cool. Running the air conditioner is not only costly but environmentally unfriendly as well. So, with these tips, you’ll be able to keep your wallet and help keep it green. 

  1. Close your blinds- This may seem simple. However, 30 percent of unwanted heat comes directly through the windows. There’s nothing worse than the sun beating down on you as you try to relax inside. Keeping your blinds closed can not only potentially lower the temperature inside your house, but they can drastically reduce your energy bill as well. 
  2. Keep your house well insulated- Keeping your home insulated is a great way to keep the heat away in the summer. Insulating your attic, especially, is a great way to keep your house fresh. With proper insulation in your attic, you can decrease the amount of heat that enters your home immensely. If your attic isn’t well insulated, then the outdoor temperature is much more likely to affect your attic and escape into other areas of your house.
  3. Open your windows at night- During the summer, almost every area of the country’s temperature drops at night. If you live in an area where temperatures go down at night, be sure to take advantage of it. By opening your windows at night, you can create a very refreshing cross breeze that is not only cooling but rejuvenating. Make sure to close your windows and blinds before your house gets too warm in the morning. 
  4. Cook outside- This might sound obvious but, using your stove or oven will, without a doubt, make your house hotter no matter what time of the year it is. The last thing you want to do is heat your home that’s already uncomfortably hot. Cooking outside is a super-easy way to keep the temperature of your house low, and it can also help you step up your grilling abilities.  
  5. Unplug unused appliances- This might not be as obvious as some of the other tips. Most electronics generate heat when they’re plugged in; they don’t even have to be in use, which makes your house that much hotter. Unplugging items like toasters, computers, gaming consoles, and computers can help make your house at a better temperature.  
  6. Get your kids outside during the day! Make sure they are sun-screened up and well-hydrated, but active kids are less likely to mess with the cooling controls. An empty house can run a few temperature degrees higher during the day. Also, don’t forget to check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered if you have other children playing at your house, especially if a pool is involved.

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