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Attention Bloggers: Are You Covered?

By Jessica Merkel

Bloggers are considered entrepreneurs, which makes them business owners. As such, they will want to consider appropriate business insurance. Business insurance can include general liability, worker’s compensation,  professional liability and more. It may be challenging to understand what you need. 

So, if you are a blogger, the first piece of advice is this: call your agent. 

A blogger should have personal policies that cover home insurance, especially if you are running your business from home. You need to let your homeowner’s insurance agent know this and see if supplemental insurance is recommended for your business activity conducted at home. 

You will also need to discuss whether you are using your auto for commercial use; your agent may recommend commercial auto insurance coverage, mainly if your blogging business includes contractors and employees who may drive that vehicle. Again, it’s essential to make sure to communicate all aspects to your agent for them to give you the best coverage options. 

Business insurance can cover a wide range of things. Most importantly, it includes general liability. You will want to make sure your particular coverage will protect you from many issues like copyright infringement, slander, libel, discrimination and more. If this policy doesn’t cover your business equipment, such as your computer(s) and printer(s), consider discussing purchasing commercial property insurance with your agent. 

Professional liability insurance will protect you against any civil suits, specifically, if you are considered “professionally liable” for something. This is common for any career that involves any consultation or advising so that in the case of wrongful advice causing damage or negative impact. If this is the kind of blogging you do – or if it is integrated anywhere in your business practices – it warrants discussion with your agent.

Another topic for discussion with your agent is cyber insurance. Cyber insurance is a form of insurance offered that is used to protect the insured from internet-based risks and risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities.

It’s essential to make sure you are covered. Once you are, you can dedicate your focus to that nasty case of writer’s block you have going on!

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