Handling Claims: What To Look For In An Insurance Company

By Jessica Merkel

An insurance company is there to help its clients feel confidently covered by its policies. A key differentiator between a good agency and a great one is how it deals with its clients, especially as it relates to insurance claims. 

Firstly, a good insurance company will help you get the ball rolling on your claim as soon as you make it. Since claims sometimes have to go through many steps and many people, the sooner you can make a claim, the better. It’s a good sign if the company is on it right away; this way, you can get your claim check quicker. 

When you have a claim to make, the insurance company should send you paperwork and any other forms that are needed to file and process the request. Even better, many insurance companies make these claim forms accessible online. This is an excellent sign that the insurance company is trying to make things as easy as possible for its clients, and cuts out the time it would take to send or bring in the forms.

For some claims, such as home incidents, the damages must be assessed by a person who is professionally trained to do so. Most insurance companies have a person dedicated to this kind of job or contractors who do the work. For other claims, such as auto incidents, insurance companies typically want the car assessed by a body shop. It is a good sign if the insurance company has an auto shop that it trusts to do its auto assessments for customer ease and consistency in its claim payouts.  

Claims should also be processed ethically and fairly. It is the company’s responsibility to make sure things are processed.

The insurance company should always refer to your policy. The policy outlines exactly what is and is not covered and should be referenced for your specific claim.

Finally, any insurance company should be in contact with you about any progress being made on your claim. You should know what is going on and about how long it will take to process it!

Bonus: Many insurance companies put customer reviews on their websites, or you can find them somewhere online. Check these out to see what customers have to say about their personal experiences with claims and other services from the insurance company.

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