Kitchen Remodel Tips, Steps, and Resale Value

By: Katarina Knoff

The kitchen is a valuable and essential part of your home. From cooking, homework and sharing meals, it is a room where memories are made. It is a space that should be highly functional, and that you should enjoy.

The kitchen is also a key consideration for potential home buyers when choosing a new home. The following tips will help budget and guide a kitchen renovation without breaking the bank, as well as provide steps to follow to ensure a successful remodel.

Remember, a thoughtfully renovated kitchen increases your home resale value. 

Budgeting Tips:

Tip #1: Strategize Where to Spend the Bulk of Your Money

After deciding to remodel, commit to spending the bulk of your budget on features that you don’t want to replace often – including countertops, appliances and cabinetry. Investing in these things will increase the long-term quality and value of the kitchen.

Tip #2: Talk to a Real Estate Agent 

You do not want to over-improve. Once spent, you won’t be able to recover the costs of your upgrades no matter how nice they are. It is helpful to speak with a real estate agent about the comparables of other homes in the area, so you don’t end up losing money when the house sells.

Tip #3: Budget for Unexpected Expenses

No matter how well you think you have planned for a renovation, there are almost always unexpected expenses that arise once a project commences. Plan to set aside 10-15% of your planned budget to account for this. 

Tip #4: Plan the Order of the Renovation

When remodeling a kitchen, there is a specific order that things should be done in for maximum efficiency. For example, you will want to install flooring after you have done cabinets. 

Here is a suggested order for you to consider during your renovation efforts:

1. Tear Out and Demolition

2. Rough-In Work Including Framing & Plumbing

3. Professional Inspection 

4. Finish the Walls 

5. Install Windows & Doors 

6. Hang Cabinets & Plumbing Fixtures

7. Install New Flooring

8. Install New Appliances 

Resale Value:

The average return on investment (ROI) for a major upscale kitchen varies depending on where you live. For example, according to, while the national average ROI for a minor remodel is 81%, the percentage increases to 93% if you live in the Pacific area of the country.

Kitchen Remodel Tips, Steps, and Resale Value Finally, each kitchen remodel is unique- so there is no one answer for how much it will increase your resale value only that it will definitely add value to your home.

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