Six Celebrity Insurance Policies That Prove You Really Can Insure Just About Anything

By Katarina Knoff

When the typical person thinks about insurance, a few things jump to mind: auto-insurance, homeowner’s insurance, healthcare insurance, etc. However, there really are no limits on what can be insured, as many celebrities have proven through their outrageous (although highly entertaining) insurance policies. Here are a few of the most expensive and bizarre insurance policies that famous personalities have secured to date.

#1: Mariah Carey’s Legs

Ranking at the top, the American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey’s legs are insured for a whopping $810 million. In 2006, the diva landed the Legs of a Goddess Gillette advertising campaign and took out the insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London to protect her legs. This same company was also responsible for insuring several other star’s body parts, including those of Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan.

#2: Troy Polamalu’s Hair 

The former Pittsburg Steeler’s curly locks have been insured for $1 million by the shampoo maker Proctor & Gamble after he signed an endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders. He hasn’t had a haircut in over ten years.

#3: Julia Robert’s Smile 

The actress/producer has won several magazine titles such as “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World” and has the price tag to show it. Her smile is the priciest in cinema and has been insured for $24.5 million.

#4: Keith Richard’s Middle Finger

The guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Rolling Stones insured his middle finger on his right hand for $1.7 million. As one of the most famous players in the world, it appears there are some precautions you have to take. Rock on, Keith!

#5: Jennifer Lopez’s Butt

The American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and businesswoman has a highly-successful career. She also has an incredible figure, and she knows it! Her backside has been insured for a tremendous $27 million. 

 #6: Egon Ronay’s Tastebuds

The famous Hungarian-born food critic insured his tastebuds from the year 1957 until his passing in 2010. The policy cost four hundred thousand dollars and covered his sense of taste without which he would no longer be able to perform his job.

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